0 thoughts on “Step by Step guide to access an old Cash App account

  • Yessica Galarza says:

    Enable to reach my old cashapp account, I am not receiving the code when trying to connect my phone number.

    Please call me/ reach me w/ this phone number (512)915-9318

  • Contessa parm says:

    For some reason my phone number was unlinked to my cashapp account and now I’m unable to access it and I have funds available on this app!!! I’ll need someone to reach out to be immediately!!!

  • Cheryl Webb says:

    I have 2 cash app $account names in the same cash app. I transferred money from one name to the other thinking it would go to the bank account associated with that cash app, it didn’t. I can’t find the money anywhere. I’ve done this before and it worked fine, but yesterday the site was down for several hours and now there is an amount floating around in cyberspace. How do I get it back?

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