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How can I PayPal to Cash App in 2021?

PayPal is an online money transfer app that has earnings of over 13,094 Million USD in 2017. PayPal is also regarded as an encryption program that helps individuals move payments between servers and bank accounts. 

Cash App is an emerging peer to peer payment service with over 7 million consumer base. Cash App allows users to both transfers or receives money online. Users have the option to transfer money from their Cash App account via the mobile app or site.

Many users are interested and wish to know can I PayPal to Cash App. You ought to be aware of the simple fact that it’s still not feasible to send money from PayPal into Cash App.

But you can transfer money from PayPal to Cash App; for this, you will need to take an alternate path. You may alternatively move money out of your PayPal account to bank accounts and then to your Cash App. You’ll need to use a joint bank account connected with your Cash App and PayPal account.

How to Send Money  from PayPal to Bank

Since we’ve understood it isn’t feasible to send cash from the money app to PayPal. However, you can do this by adding money to your bank account. You must read this blog to understand how to transfer money from PayPal to a bank account

After this, you will be able to send money from your bank account to the Cash App. But do not forget that this bank account must be common to both Cash App and PayPal. 

Transfer money from PayPal account to the bank account: 

  • First, log into your PayPal account. You can do this via mobile app or URL
  • After this, at the top corner of the screen, click on the PayPal balance.
  • Here select the option of Transfer to your bank account. 
  • Choose the Bank account through which you would like to transfer money. 
  • Fill in the amount that you’re moving and click on Next.
  • Click on the Continue button.

Transfer money from your bank account to your Cash App account: 

It is feasible for you to move money from a bank account to Cash App quickly. For this, you must have Cash App on your mobile phone and a bank account linked with it. After this, you will have to take the following steps to add money to Cash App from a bank account

1-Open the Cash App on your mobile device

3-Tap on Balance tab on the side of the screen

4-Tap about the “Add money” between pop up choices and enter the amount you want to transfer

5- You need to click on the add money button to get this amount added to your Cash App account 

6-Enter your Cash App PIN or utilize touch ID to Confirm


If there are any issues in transferring money from PayPal to Cash App or vice versa, you should contact the Cash App customer service professionals as swiftly as possible. Here they will propose a suitable solution for such issues. 

As a user of both these digital payment apps, you must understand that you cannot directly add money to Cash App to PayPal or vice versa. So you will have to all the steps mentioned above. It might sound like a complicated process, but to successfully send money to PayPal to Cash App, you will have to take these steps. 


Q. How to send money from PayPal to the Cash app?

To send money from PayPal to Cash App, you need to link a joint bank account to both these apps and then transfer money. 

Q. Can you transfer money from PayPal to the cash app?

Yes, you can transfer money from PayPal to Cash App, but you cannot do it directly. 

Q. Does PayPal own a cash App?

Now PayPal does not own the Cash App. It is also a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app but owned by Square Inc that launched in 2013. 

Q. Is PayPal or cash app better?

The answer to this question varies for different users. Cash App does have more features available to you for personal use. However if you own a business you should choose the PayPal because you can use it to accept payments on your website or blog and handle a larger volume of payments.

Q. Can I send money from PayPal to a Cash App card?

Yes, you can do this, but this process is not direct; you will have to take an alternative route for this. 

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  • New Cash App User says:

    Actually, if you add your Cash card to your PayPal Wallet as a debit card, you can transfer directly, though you will be charged a 1% fee by PayPal.

  • I used. They have a payment Exchange service that accepts most payment processors. I did cash app to PayPal but they charged a 10% fee so I ended up paying $5 for a $50 transfer but it’s anonymous and fast so I didn’t really care lol

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