How To Transfer Money From Cash App To Bank Account

The best way to cash out money from Cash App to a bank account

In this article, you will able to learn how to transfer money from a cash app to a bank account. For the remainder, with a cash app, you can send and receive money using a $cashtag name. To cash out your money from the cash app to the bank account.

Transfer Cash App To Bank Account

Follow these steps to cash out your money from cash app account.

Step 1:- Open cash app and sign in to your account with right credentials.

Step 2:- Accept the payment- When someone sends you money for the first time, the payment will remain in pending status until you approve it. Follow this procedure to accept payment.

Tap on the notification icon on the top right corner on the home screen.

  • Tap on “Accept”
  • Tap “confirm”.
  • Tap “Done”

Step 3:- Tap the dollar amount, by tapping on the dollar sign placed at middle of the home screen you will open the account balance screen.

Step 4:- Tap “cash” out option on the bottom of the screen.

Step 5:- Choose any one option between “standard” or “instant” . Standard transfer takes 1-3 days to credit the amount in your account. Instant transfer immediate settles money in your account but it cost 1% of your transferred amount as a fee. This is the method how to transfer money to bank account from cash app.

Step 6:- If you transferring first time, you need to link your bank. To link your bank tap on the bank from given list.

Step 7:- Sign in to your bank account using the same credentials as you use for online banking. Some questions may be asked to verify your identity.

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Watch And Easily Transfer Cash App To Bank

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